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How does the network manager back up system data?

Use the "System Backup" gadget to back up and restore network management data;

Steps:  [Start] menu NGBNView NMS Tools System Backup;

What to do if the NE cannot be added to the NGBNView?

1. Check whether the NMS and equipment can communicate normally;

2. Check whether the device is configured with SNMP parameters (see the previous question);

3. On the About interface of the server or client, check whether the number of network elements exceeds the limit of NMS License;

4. If there are still problems, please contact GCOM technical support.

What SNMP configurations need to be configured if NMS is used to manage the OLT?

snmp-server community public rw permit view iso

snmp-server community private rw permit view iso

snmp-server host x.x.x.x version 2c public udp-port 162 notify-type bridge g

bn gbnsavecfg interfaces rmon snmp

snmp-server enable traps bridge gbn gbnsavecfg interfaces rmon snmp

Note: x.x.x.x stands for the NMS server IP.

How to log in to the NMS?
Start the server first, and then start the client after successful startup.
What is the default login name and password of the NMS client?
What type of database does GCOM NMS use?
MySQL. When installing NMS, it will automatically prompt to install MySQL, so you are no need to install it separately.
Can the GCOM NMS be installed on Linux system?
No. Currently, only support Windows system.
How to resolve that port 162 is occupied?
Stop programs using port 162 in Windows Task Manager, and restart the NMS server program.
What are the required profile for GPON ONT service activation?
DBA profile , vlan profile , line profile , and rule profile.
Create and modifies user information, does it require to manually save the settings?
No. The device will automatically save the settings.
Is the port with POE function enabled by default?
If the device is managed through the WEB, is it possible to log in by default?
The web function of the switch device is disabled by default. You need to enable the http function with the command line. The WEB management function of OLT and ONU equipment is enabled by default.
Does the upgrade take effect on all of stack devices?
Yes. If the master device is upgraded in stacking environment, all of slave device will also be upgraded simultaneously.
What is the reason for the failure of FTP download file during version upgrade?
Firstly, make sure that the PC side where the FTP server is located has closed the firewall and other security programs. Secondly, make sure that the name and suffix of the burned file are reasonable and standardized.
How to upgrade the equipment?
3 ways. CLI upgrade, Web upgrade, and NMS upgrade.