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Solution Overview

Since 2014, GCOM has been working with domestic universities to jointly plan the upgrading and transformation project of 10G campus network.
GCOM upgraded the backbone network of the campus to a 40G network, and all important areas of the school to the service area group and egress routers are all 10G links. In addition, with a multi-core, ring-shaped backbone network design, there is only 1-hop route from any important area of the campus to the server group and the egress. At the same time, the four-tier architecture and regional convergence dual-homing design are used to fully ensure the stability and reliability of the network. Last but not least, GCOM has carried out a large number of secondary developments based on the user management of BRAS and in line with the characteristics of the school.
In the backbone network transformation, GCOM added two core switches, namely GN-S8600-08, to form a 40G ring network. As the core network of the campus, the BRAS and the egress router R8500 form a conical network frame, so that the 10G backbone data flow is accumulated at the egress router. The upgrade of 10G backbone makes the campus traffic surge, so the bandwidth bottleneck in the campus has been well resolved.

Network Topology

Solution Features

1. GCOM BARS: The management and billing advantages of the GCOM BARS completely control the users of the entire network. If the user has the original billing system, we will be seamlessly compatible with the original account and password and other important information, and the rest of the service information will be reset.
2. Multi-Service Integration: GCOM basic broadband network provides a robust network. In short, a backbone network bandwidth of 40G can fully meet the current and future needs for bandwidth and network. At the same time, GCOM provides comprehensive wisdom campus solutions such as wireless coverage and video surveillance, etc.
3. Egress Bandwidth Enhancement: Adopt high-performance GN-R8500. The powerful NAT performance provides full Gigabit wire-speed processing to meet the needs of campus high-speed Internet access.
4. Accurate Service Perception: The online behavior management engine is used to effectively and accurately identify the bandwidth occupancy of applications on the entire network, including monitoring of bandwidth occupancy based on applications, hosts, and users.
5.Control on Bandwidth & Flow: P2P application control can be enabled to effectively limit the bandwidth occupancy of applications such as Thunder (below 80Mbps), and it also effectively improves the bandwidth ratio of HTTP applications.

Customer Value 

1. High-Speed: Effectively speed up the egress of campus network via the egress equipment and bandwidth upgrade

2. Intelligent: Perform accurate and intelligent identification of various egress applications;

3. Refined: Refined bandwidth control based on users and applications on egress
4. Access logs of related users can be found simply and quickly via the graphical interface.

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