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Solution Overview

Some data analysis believes that the deployment of wireless access at banking offices diverts 20% of customers to conduct services through mobile Internet banking, which saves 30% of waiting time on average. Wireless Coverage of banking offices refer to the use of wireless technology to achieve full informatization coverage of banking offices and optimize the network environment of the banking offices to enable depositors in the waiting area conveniently and efficiently use the wireless of banking offices, and improve customer service experience.
The distraction of using free Wi-Fi while waiting reduces customer complaints and improves customer satisfaction. GCOM wireless solution for LaiBin banking office makes use of the Internet link and provides a Wi-Fi environment for customers to access the Internet through the deployment of independent network equipment and software in the office and headquarter. At the same time, the platform provides advertising marketing, business promotion, data collection and other functions. After users are connected to the wireless network, they can choose multiple authentication methods such as SMS and WeChat. After that, the marketing server will pop up the Portal page to display related products and services of financial enterprises, which facilitates users and improves customer experience.
Through the Wireless Coverage of banking offices, customer's service experience and the bank's service level are effectively improved. At the same time, it actively pushes banking services through the Portal authentication page to achieve personalized marketing needs and provide depositors with a high-quality, comprehensive, and multi-level package of financial services to drive the growth of the bank's own business. For operators, the use of spare fiber cores to provide value-added services effectively increases customer value and forms a win-win situation for all parties. Currently, wireless coverage has been promoted and applied in more and more banking offices.

Network Topology


Solution Features

1. Banking offices and headquarter are connected through public networks, dedicated lines, etc. Wireless network centrally forwards brand promotion and pushes the latest business information to customers;
2. Anti-phishing AP, mobile phone SMS authentication, etc.;
3. AC 1+1 hot standby, independent AP survival mode;
4. Headquarter deploys a service push server to push service information to branch offices respectively;
5. Management gateway audits centrally forwarded data traffic and online behaviors.

Network Construction

1+1 dual-tunnel hot backup with ms-level switching supports the unique AP HAP for service awareness, which ensures the AP's self-survival when the AP is offline and guarantees the Internet access requirements of existing and new users.


Customer Value

1. It satisfies the online business demonstration of bank staff;
2. It realizes brand promotion by pushing the latest business information to customers;
3. Mobile banking and online banking services reduce the pressure on counter services during peak hours;
4. It enables customers in the queuing area/VIP client area to access the Internet  wirelessly;
5. It guarantees the security of the wireless network.

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