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Survey statistics show that 58% of customers believe that the hotel's WiFi signal is one of the most important reasons for choosing a hotel. In traditional network solutions, wireless APs are generally deployed on the top of the corridor and the wireless signal needs to penetrate the wall to enter the room. If the wall is made of cement, the wireless signal will attenuate greatly after passing through, and the signal will be weak when it reaches the interior of the room.
In view of this problem, GCOM's APs that support PoE interfaces and Gigabit Ethernet switches that provide PoE interfaces support quickly deploy WiFi aps and achieve 100% WiFi signal coverage by using the existing Ethernet line facilities. The AP automatically discovers the AC, and then downloads, configures, upgrades, and manages the AC in a unified manner. Then, the WiFi wireless controller is deployed in the aggregation layer of the switch to realize the fit AP scheme of unified SSID.

Network Topology

Solution Features 

1.The hotel's existing Ethernet line is adopted to deploy APs for quick installation. The AP automatically discovers the AC and automatically configures and upgrades, which truly achieve configuration-free and maintenance-free;
2. AC controls the allocation of air interface resources to prevent interference through unified management and unified configuration, and realizes regional roaming of mobile devices;
3. The flexible deployment of fat and fit APs meets the needs of different services;;
4. The perfect user authentication mechanism and data encryption mechanism ensure the security of the network and user data.

Network construction

1. GN-W3000 series AC with built-in Protol and roaming functions;
2. GN5628 series Gigabit switches that provide PoE function;
3. The GN-W300 series AP with multi-service is specifically aimed at wireless signal coverage in hotel rooms. For the lobby, the meeting room adopts ceiling-mounted AP. It supports 802.11a/b/g/n, adopts 2T2R antenna, provide 4*Gigabit LAN interface and 1*Bypass interface. In-wall installation is adopted in the room.

Customer Value

1. In-wall wireless AP solutions solve the problem of poor wireless signal in the hotel room, provide a better Internet experience, and improve customer satisfaction.
2. The management and maintenance are simple, and the deployment is convenient, and the installation will not cause too much impact on the normal operation of the hotel. The POE power supply mode is adopted, so there is no need to make any changes to the original power facilities.
3. It allows the hotel receptionist to quickly configure a temporary Internet account and password for customers through the AC, and limit the effective time of this account and password.
4. Customer's account password can be used in the room or in other places to achieve basic roaming functions.
5. The WAN interface needs to be configured with routers and firewalls to achieve high-speed Internet access and improve network security protection.   

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