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GCOM Launches a New Web Management XPON OLT Series

Time:2021-07-09 Hits:4727

As a provider of F5G all-optical network solutions, GCOM has newly launched the independently developed WEB management XPON OLT series to help enterprises build F5G all-optical networks, which highly matches the demands of enterprises for rapid network deployment, maintenance and evolution.


The rapid growth of all-optical network market and the gradual popularization of IoT technology have brought about the explosive development of PON technology. F5G all-optical network has become the best choice for digital transformation of enterprises, schools, hotels, hospitals, comprehensive intelligent parks, intelligent buildings etc., with the characteristics of one network with multiple services, simple and flexible network deployment and maintenance, low construction cost and smooth evolution of future unlimited traffic bandwidth.

Most enterprise networks are self-built. With the deployment of all-optical networks in the digital transformation of enterprises, enterprises often need to invest a lot of time and funds to improve IT engineers' new technologies and operation and maintenance capabilities. Therefore, how to enable enterprises to quickly get started with the deployment and maintenance of F5G all-optical networks has become the key to enterprise digital transformation. GCOM is committed to enabling enterprises to deploy and maintain F5G all-optical networks simply and quickly, and has developed a new WEB OLT series. With this WEB OLT series, engineers can quickly deploy the all-optical network by opening the WEB browser and using a simple interface without deploying a dedicated network management server. Thanks to real-time network monitoring, capacity expansion, and troubleshooting, IT engineers can now bid farewell to obscure XPON technology, complex command lines and network management software, and quickly and smoothly take over the new generation of all-optical networks.


GCOM specializes in the R&D, production and sales of optical communication solutions and xPON OLT, ONU, optical modules, switches, routers and other products. GCOM products have passed the MIIT network access certification, EMC, CE/FCC and other international regulatory certification, and are carrier quality products. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us.